Filming Frank

Hullyjoe dot com has been exploring the video-making functions of our cameras, you can find links to the results here – I believe we might stitch these together as a short film one day…

The Centre of All Things

The Centre of All Things

I made myself a couple of resolutions this year. The first one was to have an ‘alcohol free year’ – so that quickly got watered down to ‘two drinks per month’ – (and by ‘drinks’ I mean ‘have a drink’ not a glass) – I’m currently in April.

The OTHER resolution was to complete a piece of art every week….this week I completed two. One that had been staring at me for about 6 months waiting to be completed, and this one which I started straight after and havent been able to leave alone… I’ll set up a new gallery when I get a few done.

Go Home Twenty Sixteen – Your Drunk !



“I see nothin to be gained by any explanation, there’s no words that need to be said”

-Bob Dylan

’tis the season….


It’s that time of year again folks! – Poetry on a Plate kicks off again Easter Sunday for another ‘season’ of fine food, poignant poetry, cozy campfires, and all the warmth, humour and fee-goodness that comes from great company. We cant wait to show you a few new poems, and have even (reluctantly) dragged ourselves into the modern age – here is our facebook page.

Facebook jpg



A child is born ! !….well, you know… This is the brainchild of ‘Imperfectionist in Chief’, Denise Mills, who for reasons unbeknown, has asked me to assist, contribute, edit etc. Its a beautiful thing, a space for the good things, just for the sake of it. An online magazine for writers, thinkers, believers… After a brief gestation, it is now alive at – a new edition comes out each month and YOU can contribute, details are on the site, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button – its free.


Road Pattern 2016


Well hello 2016 – never thought 2015 would end…phew… Its been a busy start to the year with commencement of a video project on the Bourke Cemetery with Historian Paul Roe (watch this space). I have also embarked on an ambitious photography project ‘2840’ – two thousand eight hundred and forty images of my hometown (postcode 2840) – mostly iphone photos, little vignettes, art…I have set up a flickr account to house them (think you just go to and type in my name) and will be uploading regularly…wish me luck. I have done some writing that will hit the internet soon in a new online publication, and have set up a new studio to make art….in my spare time….

TED talker


TEDx Orange is featuring a number of speakers, a number of musicians, and a poet…. they couldn’t get a good poet so they asked me – Friday 20th November – you can view it all through their live stream I think? check the website.

Lawson, Bourke, and Yours Truly…

As seen on TV


Lights, Camera, Action – had the pleasure of walking David Reyne through ‘Lawson’s Bourke’ the other day – very nice man and it was a lot of fun – got to sit around a fire and wax lyrical as well as spill a bit of whiskey into a glass – Will be on a new show assembled by Australian Geographic, but not sure when…..then I will be ‘as seen on TV’….



Summer hibernation is starting to fade and a new year’s activities await. 2014 was a big year as it turned out, we released not 1 but 2 albums – Vita Brevis and Poetry on a Plate – the latter being the centrepiece of our regular dinner/show which had a good year. We produced a radio series – On The Road – which went to air, locally, Statewide and, in a couple of cases, Nationally. We published a number of articles and photographs in newspapers and magazines and featured in 2 other stories. In addition we travelled through the North of England and Italy, managed 3 kids at boarding school, became a grandad, got a new job and commuted 100km every day from our palatial country residence. Bring on 2015 !! – My first painting for the year is above – unfinished, Poetry on a Plate kicks off on Sunday the 5th of April, right after we get back from the National Folk Festival – whew – can’t wait to hibernate again!